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  • Is The Hotel Brand Bubble Ever Going To Burst?

    The proliferation of new hotel brands in recent years has been staggering. A Skift article recently noted that the world’s 10 largest hotel companies offer a combined 113 brands at varying price points, and that 31 of these brands didn’t exist a decade ago.

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  • Connecting The iGeneration To Travel

    When I finished writing my last two Marketing:Travel articles about the Modern Family and Generation Z, I figured I had covered all the major trends surrounding young people and travel. Turns out there was still more to discover.

    A few weeks ago, I received a copy of Mintel’s extensive new study called “Marketing to the iGeneration” and it led to a series of discussions with a young brand planner on my team by the name of Riley Strand who was knee-deep in analyzing the report and finding implications for travel that expanded beyond the points I had already made.

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  • Hospitality In The Digital Age Of Disruption

    This past week, over 300 hotel and travel marketing executives converged on New York’s Marriott Marquis to attend the HSMAI Digital Marketing Strategy Conference. While the conference’s theme was “Navigating the Crossroads of Personalization, Attribution and Distribution,” it might as well have been titled, “Disruption is the New Normal” as attendees were implored to think beyond the travel industry’s legacy approaches and time-bound traditions.

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  • On Trend: River Cruises

    You don’t have to be marketing the cruise industry to admire what’s going on in the river cruise category. It’s red hot and while still only a small slice (roughly 5%) of the cruise market, it’s the industry’s fastest-growing segment — enjoying double-digit growth and attracting over one million passengers a year. CLIA reports that their members alone will add 18 new river cruise ships this year.

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  • Everyone In Travel Needs To Welcome The HENRYs

    We’re always looking to define and segment our audience so that we can better understand and target customers. Think YUPPIES (Young Urban Professionals), DINKS (Double Income No Kids), MARPIES (Middle Aged Rural Professionals), YUMMIES (Young Upwardly Mobile Mommies), MOBYs (Mommy Older, Baby Younger) and more.

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  • Travel Brands Find Inspiration In Content Creation

    Does your business have a “director of inspiration?” That’s the title Conrad Hotels bestowed on Nilou Motamed when they announced the hiring of the former editor and chief of Condé Nast’s Epicurious and compared her role to that of a “creative director” at a fashion house.

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  • Seeing The Big Picture: Drones On The Horizon

    In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a growing debate about the role photography is playing in how we live our lives and the role it should and shouldn’t play in how we travel and experience and record the world around us.

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  • The New Face Of Love: Trends Reshape Honeymoon Traditions

    People travel for love. And love has always been an emotion our industry has done a great job of capitalizing on. But like many aspects of travel, marketplace and societal trends are reshaping how people are thinking about and consuming one of love’s ultimate celebrations—the honeymoon.

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  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

    Whenever I hear talk about the return on investment in social media, I can’t help but imagine this: Some lucky marketer stands there, absolutely ecstatic, exclaiming, “I’ve found them! I’ve found them! The Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant and the definitive answer to ROI on social media!”

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  • Poshtel Is Defining The New Vocabulary Of Travel

    Glamping. Bleisure. Poshtel. These newly coined words are a reflection of the changing times in our industry and remind us that old traditions are giving way to new mashups that appeal to evolving desires for how people want to travel and see the world.

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  • The Future Of Computing Is Here. Unfortunately, It Attaches To Your Face.

    In 2001, a product was unveiled that had been described by John Doerr, one of the most successful and influential venture capitalists in technology, as “more important than the Internet” and he predicted that it would be the fastest company to achieve $1 billion in sales.

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  • Are Beacons The Next Bright Light In Travel Marketing?

    All of us in marketing are constantly searching for the next big thing and location-based technologies are fueling a lot of excitement in an industry like ours that’s driven by geography and unique experiences.

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  • SEO in 2015: A Reversion to Optimization for People, Not Keywords

    Does it strike anyone else as odd that, outside of web browsers, the only other population segment we refer to as “users” are consumers of illegal drugs? It may seem strange, but I would contend this terminology is a fitting artifact of a bygone era of digital marketing, reflecting just how far detached web marketers once became from the human experience.

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  • The Post-Demographic Traveler

    It’s time to recalibrate the way we segment travelers. No longer do the neat demographic boxes of age, gender, income or family status translate into defined audiences marching to a similar beat.

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  • Standing Up For Everyone

    I’m not much for political debate and rarely find it has a place in business, especially in the travel and hospitality industry where our focus has always been on serving everyone equally well. Unfortunately, though, there are times when the political dialogue forces your hand and begins to impact your business, regardless of what your party affiliation or beliefs may be.

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  • Rebranding: The plastic surgery of marketing?

    Rebranding can be a powerful tool for any company looking to signal change. But if not done carefully, it can go wrong fast. Like when a star goes under the knife in the hopes of looking better and only winds up looking worse (insert your favorite celebrity plastic surgery fail here).

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  • An Industry View: Engaging Today’s Connected Travelers

    It’s hard and it’s not going to get any easier. That underlying theme was one of my key takeaways as nearly 300 travel industry marketing executives gathered last week in New York City at the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Digital Marketing Strategy Conference.

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  • The Cuban Evolution: Caribbean Marketers Need To Get Ready

    When President Obama recently announced steps to significantly thaw the relationship between the United States and Cuba, it served as the latest and loudest wake-up call that tourism in the Caribbean region could soon be having a dramatic shift.

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